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Jul 8 2020 32719 1

5 Ways to Stay Cool This SummerAs summer arrives in full swing, the temperature is only going to get hotter. With more and more people staying at home due to the virus, it’s important to find ways

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Coronavirus Has Homebuyers Rethinking Open Floor Plans

After months of 24/7 work from home parenting, some home buyers aren’t so sure the open floor plan works anymore. (Getty/iStockphoto/monkeybusinessimages)For many years, homebuilders and cable TV

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May 14 2020 32719 1

Why Selling During Covid-19 Is a Good IdeaRight now, competition is low and demand remains high, meaning that continuing to sell your home as planned could mean great results for you. Buyers are

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May 6 2020 6 Unique Ways To Show Mom You Care

Mothers are hard to shop for. They never want anything, yet they love anything you get them. It can be difficult to figure out what to do for your mother, especially if you are out of the house or

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